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This is the home of a lifetime of
watercolour paintings by the
brilliant talent of Leslie A. Parkes
They have been displayed in galleries in Vancouver, Toronto, and Ottawa in Canada, in Houston, Lexington, and New York City in the U.S., in Mexico City, and in Dusseldorf, Germany. His work has earned notable awards in many international competitions.

He was born in Rochester, N.Y. in 1925 and immigrated to Toronto, Canada a year later. His family moved to Oshawa, Ontario in 1935, where he received the remainder of his elementary education. He enlisted in the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1943 and earned his wings just as WWll
ended in 1945.
With credits from the Department of Veteran's Affairs, Mr. Parkes entered art college to study under teachers L.A.C. Panton and Leonard Brookes. Both were renowned artists of the time. Upon graduating, Les began working for E.S.A. Robinson Ltd., a packaging and design company in Leaside, Toronto. He eventually became art director of the company and held that position until he retired in 1986. Durham College of Arts & Technology immediately hired him to teach Graphic Arts and Interior Design.

For 21 years, while Leslie A. Parkes and his wife resided in Port Perry, Ontario, they were happily involved with the Borelians Community Theatre there, designing sets and costumes for many productions and sometimes even acting. A production of "Birdseye Centre" which was a musical co-authored by them, won a THEA Award for "Best Musical Production" in 1986 by Virginia Reh of Theatre Ontario.

After Mr. Parkes was inducted into the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolours (C.S.P.W.C.) in 1987, he became a recognized member of the art community and, having been accepted by such an august society, he decided to devote all his time to painting. In 1990 he resigned from his teaching position and, with his wife, relocated to a country home in the Kawartha Lakes Region of Ontario.

Mr. Parkes' dear wife, Zona, passed away in April 2007 and, after a wonderful marriage of 60 years, he spent the remainder of his life at Kingsway Arms Retirement Residence in Bowmanville, Ontario. Sadly, only a year after his wife's passing, Mr. Parkes passed away in April, 2008.

The family of Les Parkes wish to carry on his legacy by proudly displaying and making available his beautiful work to all those who truly appreciate the fine art of watercolour painting. Please visit the Inquiries page for more details.

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